Oeste Vista- April 14, 2012

View of Monte Verde Lake from Oeste Vista trail in Angel Fire New Mexico


Oeste Vista has quick access from the village of Angel Fire. The trail head is off of Mountain View Blvd- AKA Hwy 434 and just across from the Country Club entrance.


2.6 miles | 600 foot elevation gain


Hooray! This is a loop trail.

Picnic table overlooking Monte Verde Lake in Angel Fire, New Mexico.

Oeste Vista is Spanish for West View and at the midway point, there are two picnic tables and a fabulous west view of Monte Verde Lake. Along the trail there are tons of Ponderosa Pine trees. Tree huggers will love the Ponderosa’s cinnamon-red bark and their soaring heights. In fact, Ponderosa Pines have been recently elevated to the tallest known pine tree.


Oeste Vista has an elevation gain of 600 feet and while it seems as if that entire gain occurs in the first ten minutes of the walk, I am sure that is not possible. After the initial steepness, the trail mellows out into a rhythmic up and down into ravines and across flat mountain sides.

Hiker ponders the beauty of Northern New Mexico mountains

You will love the views of the tallest mountain at an elevation of 13,161 feet in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak, as well as the lichen covered rocks. The trail ends by meandering back and forth across a tiny stream through a pinyon and aspen tree grove.

View of Wheeler mountain from Oeste Vista trail in Angel Fire New Mexico